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Lol I'm adding this in because I can.

.......I love you guys ;w; :heart:

PERSON, I LOVE YOU. JUST REMEMBER THAT. I LOOOVVVEEE YOOOUUUUU. Btw, I'm only upping it just in case someone ever wants to give me points. I've done it to people before so don't doubt me on this

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You can call me Firey!!! :D
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm easy to get along with :3
I have tons of interests and likes so we can most likely find something in common easily!!!
What do I even put here :I
.......sock puppets are nice :U
They make awesome friends ;w; <3

MY KARKAT - :icondemon-sebastian:
MY DAVE - :icontoonclouds:
MY OTHER DAVE(timelines yo) - :iconcorrupt-purification:

If you want to be someone, anyone to me, just ask owo
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Hey. It's been awhile...Yea I'm never coming back here. I'm leaving this journal here to tell all of you who are following me this. I first wanted to join DeviantArt because I wanted to make money, sell art, become big, but obviously that's not gonna work out. I'm a traditional artist and a pretty shit digital one. It's a pain in the motherfucking ass to have to go over your traditional art in Ms. Paint and make everything perfect with no layers and especially with a shit digital media. So yea, when I finally realized that it basically said I was done with this website. The reason I didn't leave sooner was for the friends and art stuff that is on here. But personally, DeviantArt became less of a way of work. It feels like companies won't look at this website anymore because it sort of loss it's value or something. It is a pretty big website, but I don't think companies use it or look at it anymore. you could supply me with all of the evidence in the world but I just clearly won't give a shit because I'm still not coming back here. Also I realized that art isn't just a form of work and money and business. It's also for fun, hobbies, and to relax. Took me way too long to realize that.

I still like drawing. I still like making art. I just have a different view of it now. I'm no longer friends with a lot of you on here mainly because we just lost contact and haven't spoken in a long time. I don't go  on skype anymore because the device I used for it broke and I don't really remember much about the username or password. Also because there are people I don't want to talk to on there but if I took them off they will probably come up to me and talk to me about it. So that's another thing. The only way you can reach me now is through either texting(which some of you have my number so you cant say shit like "bRO YOu nevEr teXt meeEEEEEEEE"), Steam(some of you have my Steam so you still cant say shit), and some of you have my Tumblr(same deal) and for those of you that don't have any of them, well I'm sorry about the stuff in the parentheses . I'll leave my Tumblr down at the bottom so you guys can try to reach me. I mainly reblog stuff and don't really post anything so yea.

I was really just supposed to be spewing so much shit on this journal so I have no fucking idea what I'm doing. Hmm...I guess I'm just gonna say everything that needs to be said like what I really like and think. Gay. GAAAYYYY. GAY PORN. GAY SHIPS. ALL OF IT. YEA. SO. I LIKE A LOT OF IT. TALK SHIT GET HIT. And I'm pretty confident I'm demisexual so yea. No that does not mean I have had a crush on any of you. Onlyononeofyouwhoisstillmybestfriend Don't be that person who automatically assumes that it's you though. Unless I talk to you everyday then it's not you so chill. I'm transgendered. FTM. Yes I prefer male pronouns but I am so unused to hearing them that you are still sort of ok with saying female pronouns but keep in mind I PREFER male pronouns and WANT male pronouns. I've been this way for at least a year and I've just been thinking about it and thinking about it but didn't know what to call it until the label decided to reveal itself to me this year. I still don't have a job. I am actually unable to get a job until I get a license and a car of my own. I was deathly scared of cars last year so I did not get my permit so I am behind a year and dude there is no way in hell my family is gonna afford a third car. I'm a very angry individual for reasons that I'm not gonna tell you fuckers. I really tried refraining from using too many curse words but yea I can't. I have two years of high school left so yea, fuck me.

I am seriously trying to think of what to put into this thing. I don't want to leave anything out because I'm not going to speak to anybody on this website. If I get linked back to here to look at somebody's art then yea I will be on here, but for art. I am not going to be responding to any messages that I get on here. I will not do anything on here other than look at art and favorite it and not give a shit. So you guys are free to leave comments on anything like my main page, this journal, any other journals, my artwork, anything and I will look at it and read it but I will not respond. I won't unwatch anyone either but this does not mean that I will look at all of your art or writings. I will however leave all of the groups except for one group. They know who I am talking about too. So yea. That's the dealio. I honestly have no idea what else to put here that you guys may or may not already know

Well I like mystery and being mysterious even though I'm really not so I guess it's good to have at least some shroud of mystery left to me. I had a lot of fun with all of you. You guys gave me some great memories, got me through some tough shit, and most importantly were there for me. I really wish all of you will try and continue to be there for me even though some of you don't even remember me anymore. Well, this is me reaching out my hand saying that I want to continue our friendship. It's up to you whether or not to take it. All I ask is that you either message me on Steam or send me an ask on Tumblr. I really want to hear from all of you again. I had so much fun with you guys. And to everyone who wants to become friends with me or get to know me, all you gotta do is send me an ask on Tumblr. I will try to become friends with you too ovo This really is me reaching my hand out to every person on this planet who is on this website and saying "I want to be friends" and all you guys have to do is take it and talk to me.

So yea that seems like everything.

TL;DR I am leaving this site and not coming back. I will read any and all of the comments and messages you guys leave me. The only thing on this sight I will do is look at art and favorite it. I'm just done with this site and have been done for months. This is just making it official. I wish to be friends with all of you and am giving you guys the oppurtunity to do so.

My Tumblr is fireyturtle ==>

Send me an ask on there and then boom. Instant friendship how about that

Good bye my friends. It was a nice run while it lasted. I have moved on and I hope that some of you will at least try to stay in contact. I love all you guys.

To those of you who do not wish to keep contact: I hope you have a nice and pleasant life. I hope you achieve your dreams. I hope you make it big. I hope you find somebody who loves you and stays with you. I hope you have a family. i hope for your safety and well being. I hope you continue being you

See ya guys

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happy birthday
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Happy Birthday! :D
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thank you for the fave~ u v u
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Thanks for the fav, Bromigo! Glad you're digging the Cobra. :D
TimberWolf338 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013
Still not responding?

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I'm done.

Don't come crying to me when you want to be friends again. :l

What a shame.
fireycheetah Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. I actually haven't been talking to anybody or doing anything with DeviantArt. The only reason I'm still on this website right now is cuz of you. I only get on here to look at my friend's drawings or other when they link me, but that's it.

I didn't mean to hurt you and I'm sorry. I've been thinking for the longest time about leaving Deviantart but I never said anything and I probably should have. I can't bring myself to delete this account cuz of all of the friends I have made, but I can't bring myself to stay on here either. I didn't mean to hurt you and everyone else that is on here. I just felt so unneeded here. Before it used to be that no one would really message me, no comments, nothing. I just gave up trying to find my place here.

Besides, my main reason for coming here was to get known in the world, sell art, and be the best but of course that wasnt gonna happen so I just gave up overall. And now here I am still giving up on it.

I'm sorry about everything I've done. I hope you have a happy and bright future and I most likely won't be apart of it from here on out. But one thing will always stay the same, and that's you being my little sister. I'm still glad I met you. Bye
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